Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thrift shop roundup

I've been looking around for possible two-dollar monsters -- even if we haven't had many entries yet, I'm going to do a few more myself -- and I've made a few finds that don't quite fall within the rules of the contest but which I'm quite pleased with.

8 bugs from the old Starship Troopers minis game, found in
the toy section of a Goodwill for $2.49 (about £1.50). 

Some Dark Sun giths, produced by Ral Partha in 1991. Sculpted
by Sandra Garrity. I got these for $3 (£1.80) total from the
discount bin at a local games shop. So characterful!

An investigator from Grenadier's 1984 Call of Cthulhu
line. Likewise bought for $1 (60p) at that local shop.

So, as I said, these aren't toys for the challenge. They're just examples of me using cheap old figures for a variety of purposes again. In particular, I suspect those giths will turn up as something in my Wednesday night D&D game.

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