Friday, 12 December 2014

I used to paint!

It feels like forever since I painted a figure, or at least completed one, so here's this little guy just to boost my own sense of accomplishment.

I haven't added any greenery to his base yet, so it looks a little patchy. 
He's a rush job, painted for the Future Wars Painting Club on the Lead Adventure Forum, and looking at the photo of him I'm not very happy with it. However, as with most things, he looks much better on the tabletop, where his unsubtle shading just makes him pop a little more. (Also my photo isn't great; the big armour plates are a bit more gently highlighted than they appear to be here. One day I will do a proper photo setup, right after I do everything else.)

The miniature is a Sarday'kin Legion figure from the old Hobby Products / Metal Magic line. He is a little on the small side by modern standards, but scales well with RT-era 40K figures. I've also mounted his integral base on a stock GW base, giving him a few extra hopefully-unnoticeable millimetres of height. He may, in fact, be one of the oldest figures I own; I've definitely had him since high school. Technically, like many figures I've had since high school, he may belong to my brother. Much of the line is still available from em-4, but I don't believe this one is.

Anyway, I painted a model, my photos are crap. No surprises there. My next big goal is to get my "How to Oldhammer" project done before the new year. 

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