Monday, 26 December 2016

Holiday painting update 1: Titanotron!

I did not do much painting during December. Indeed, I don't think I finished anything at all. I wasn't well, work was very stressful, other commitments were more important and, in general, my mojo was missing.

So when the holidays rolled around and I had a couple of days off, I decided to do some painting. And even though it looked as though my challenge with Tim of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog was going to be a write-off for the second month in a row, I decided that I wasn't going to paint anything I felt I should paint. Instead, I was just going to paint as the spirit moved me. And the result was ... well, I'm pretty pleased.

My Christmas day painting was this Titanotron from ThunderChild Miniatures. It's a big chunky model that I picked up as a birthday treat for myself. I took him from bare metal to pretty much done over a relaxing Christmas.

I am going to use him not only in games of Wasteman but also as an Imperial Battle Droid in Rogue Trader, swinging two power fists and with a head-mounted plasma gun to represent the eye beams. Pew pew pew! Here he accompanies a patrol of Copplestone Castings Neo-Soviets through the post-apocalyptic ruins.

The base colour is Vallejo Russian Uniform, and the rest of it is just washes and weathering. It's a simple paintjob and I might punch it up with some inspirational slogans or decals or whatever, but I'm happy to field it the way it is at the moment.