Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Strange Aeons Dark Ages: Part Two -- Player Briefings

These are the player briefings for the Viking age scenario I've been working on, as seen in my last post. Ideally this will be the first part of a three-part series culminating in a "modern" (ie 1920s) Strange Aeons game. These briefings are supposed to give the players a little background for the game, and hopefully help set up the context for the next part of the scenario.


The Northmen are approaching your village! Although most people would be terrified, you are pleased. These foreigners can be the sacrifices you need for your ritual -- and no one will care what happens to them!

You only have a small force of villagers to defend your homes, but you have sent a summons to those who dwell below. They will arrive soon and trap the invaders!

Your goal: kill as many of the Vikings as possible.

Your strategy: once the invaders have collected two Treasure Markers, your reinforcements will arrive. You'll need to make sure that the Norsemen are securely within your trap when this happens.


First objective: your goal is to capture as many of the Treasure Markers in the village as possible. The villagers are weaker than you, but they may try to stand in your way

Second objective: what is this?! Some strange creatures have arrived to aid the villagers. You need to get out of here now -- reach the safety of your ship by getting your models back across their own starting line.

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