Thursday, 16 April 2015

Strange Aeons historical scenarios: update

So, we playtested the Viking-age scenario, and have rejigged it as follows:

  • Instead of treasure markers, we placed five shrines around the board in a sort of rough square with one at the centre. Each of these could be searched for treasure. You rolled 2d6 -- one d6 indicated the level of treasure, and the other was then added to it. If the total was 7 or higher, the shrine was wrecked. 
  • Each turn after the second shrine was wrecked, the villager player rolled to see whether the reinforcements turned up by trying to roll equal to or above the number of searched shrines on a d6. 
  • Whether shrines were wrecked or not, and where exactly the Vikings died, will turn out to be important in the next scenario. 
  • The final scenario is actually going to be two scenarios -- if the witch hunters win the second scenario, then you play one final scenario, and if they lose you play the other. 
Here are some pictures of miniatures to make this post more fun. Some of these are pretty old paintjobs, so be merciful!

Brave Threshold civilian by ... Copplestone? Baby Cthulhu by Reaper.

Ghost from Horrorclix.

APE-X also by Reaper.

Shoggoth by Reaper. Seriously, you guys, Bones is so good for big monsters.

Repainted (base unfinished) Anton Arcane Heroclix.

Grenadier Fantasy Warriors

Aberrant from Trinity Battleground, White Wolf's ill-fated minis game.

Frankenstein's Monster from Doctor Who, ex-Harlequin, now BTD.

Fishman from Grenadier.

Ghast from Rafm. Very Tom Sullivan!

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