Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Some quick works in progress

Just a few quick updates on what I'm working on at the moment. Mostly Frostgrave. Here are the put-together models for my cultists, which I haven't done anything else with.

Thugs! The guy on the left has a spear. 

Man-at-arms (w/ Citadel shield), Infantryman and Thief. May get some more thiefy accessories. 

Archers; guy on the right has Mordheim arms because there's only one set of bow arms in the cultist box. 
They need to be cleaned, puttied, based, etc. before priming, but my hope is that they'll paint up quite quickly (since my goal is to give them rather simple, drab paintjobs to go along with the wizards).

I'm also working on a little terrain for the game. These are the statues for the museum scenario: 

They're made from kids' blocks (I got a big bucket of 'em for £5 from a charity shop), spare bases, bits from the bits box and those pewter historical figurines you get in museum gift shops. My wife got a big bag of the figures in a charity shop for me, so these are cheap as free and suitably historicalish.

I think the texture of the wood will show through the priming, so I'm going to give them a base coat of some kind of texture as well as texturing the base beforehand. I hope to have them done by the end of the holidays!


  1. Like the statues. The arms-close-to-body poses and slightly different proportions make them more like statues and not just ordinary models painted grey.

    1. Thanks! My choice was motivated by economy but I think it's gonna end up looking not bad. I have them all textured now, so it's just a matter of doing the priming and deciding whether the statues are gonna be bronze or stone. I'm leaning toward bronze just because so much of my board is already boring old grey.