Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Age of Sigmar challenge: more Marauders!

In my ongoing Age of Sigmar painting challenge with Tim of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog, I had a bit of a rough couple of months. Over the holidays and in January, though, I bounced back a little. I assembled and painted some more of my Marauders, who I have set up to be more like cultists of Nurgle than tough-ass barbarians.

They're put together from Wargames Factory Vikings, Frostgrave cultists and barbarians, Gripping Beast warriors, GW Flagellants, and various other parts from the bits box. The last group were mainly dressed in black with green shields and accents, whereas on these ones I've gone with a mainly brown colour scheme with purple accents. The intention is to make them fieldable as two separate units (they'll eventually get a standard bearer of their own) while also letting them fit in with the first unit to make a single regiment of 20.

Here they are in that format:

I think they look not too bad for a somewhat loosey-goosey approach to painting and modelling.


  1. I'd class those more as thugs (I think of marauders as being in pretty much full plate), but very nice. Suitably motley. Where does the text on the banner come from? "overcome this disease", "multitude of corpses" - something about the plague perhaps.

    1. The distinction between thugs and Marauders isn't present in Age of Sigmar -- it's just Marauders and Warriors. Mentally I think of them as cultists, but rules-wise they're Marauders, and they'd form cultist units in other games. The text on the banner is from Giovanni Boccaccio's description of the plague in Florence.