Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Junkyard January: Themed gangs

In the eclectic process of collecting post-apocalyptic figures, I seem to have built up a couple of themed squads that have no obvious application. Some of these aren't necessarily post-apocalyptic, but could be generally sci-fi. I dunno. Anyway, here are two of them!

These steampunk scientists are pretty proud of the all-new Punchbot 3000!

That guy with the shotgun is very self-conscious about his lack of facial hair. 
I bashed these guys together at some point either because I was planning an Orlock gang for Necromunda or because I wanted some ruffians for my Petersen's World 40K setting. The indigenous "Petes" have a Viking-like culture, but these guys are locals who moved to Landfall City looking for work and wound up in the dangerous dock gangs. I wanted them to have a certain element of primitive appearance, so I used GW Mordheim, Empire soldier and Flagellant sprues plus various weapons from the bits box (and some Warzone plastic pieces, but those are quite hard to spot). The odd man out is a plastic em-4 ganger I painted much earlier who still fits in pretty well with this bunch. His arms are from the Mordheim mercenary sprue again: is this the most useful kit GW ever put out?


  1. Brilliant mate - "Punchbot 3000... punch it like a building, or your money back!" :-)

    1. Punchbot 3000 is a big improvement on previous models, which could only kick. But Punchbot 4000 is a sight to see.