Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Junkyard January: More militia and heroes

Junkyard January continues with some more models from my post-apocalyptic collection.

The wastelands are a violent, dangerous place, and there are lots of gun-toting men and women out there. These guys could be well-armed wanderers, caravan guards, settlement militia, bandits, you name it. The photo (which is a little washed out; sorry about that) features models from Citadel, Fantasy Forge/Scotia Grendel, Copplestone, em-4, Gripping Beast, Metal Magic/Moonraker and Prince August. Basically, this is my miscellaneous leftover models, plus a few Copplestone sculpts I missed earlier.

These guys, on the other hand, are your more heroic types. They're mostly Reaper Bones models, and some are more in the zombie-survivor direction than the post-apocalyptic one, but potayto potahto. That could be a whole other month. They're seen here in front of Wildsnake Charlie's, one of my favourite pieces of terrain. The main body of it was originally a feta cheese container, and the rest is till rolls, scrap card, bits of broken toys and spare parts from model kits, all stuck to a piece of scrap MDF.

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