Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Junkyard January: Wasteman!

In previous Junkyard January posts, I've separated by theme. Today's mini-post looks at a particular manufacturer, ThunderChild. ThunderChild Miniatures make Wasteman, a humorous post-apocalyptic game I've been enjoying. I like their miniatures, but they are a little on the large side, so I tend to collect monsters, robots and so on, which could be any size.

Scientists accompanied by a Tortuga drone explore the rad zone and come face to face with its new masters. 

A Titanotron assault robot supports a neo-Sov patrol. The infantry models are from other companies, mostly Copplestone.


  1. Their minis do indeed look great, but I've resisted the impulse to buy any, coz, you know....too many other minis to get through before I die :(

    1. I certainly know that feeling, but I still crave some novelty every now and again, and if that means supporting an indie minis producer (who is also the cousin of one of my D&D group!), then so much the better.