Monday, 2 January 2017

Works in progress: a periodic update

Happy new year, everyone! While we're nursing our hangovers, let's look at some blurry photos of half-complete miniatures. I haven't done much more painting over the holidays, but I haven't been idle. Here's a quick update on what I've been working on.

For my ongoing Age of Sigmar project, I've assembled the last ten Marauders. These are assembled from a mixture of Wargames Factory Vikings, Frostgrave cultists and barbarians, Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors, GW Flagellants and whatever I had lying around my bits box. I have done this lot without a champion, standard bearer and musician, so they'll be an upgrade to the existing unit rather than a unit on their own, but I can always go back and change it if I want.

I bought all kinds of junk for an upcoming frugal gaming post and am working on getting it ready to photograph.

I started building something for a scenario and it turned into something completely different -- looks like my Neo-Sov/Petersen's World PDF guys are getting a bigger troop transport.

And I got bit by the post-apocalyptic bug again, so it looks like I'm going to be making a post-apocalyptic bazaar, together with a bunch of colourful bazaar characters.

This is current up to 1 January; in the intervening days I've done a little painting, which I will show off over the coming week.


  1. The vehicles' coming along nicely :)

    1. Well, I did my usual thing of blitzing it one evening and then not doing anything else since. We shall see.