Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Welcome to Junkyard January

I have been painting post-apocalyptic models lately, and this prompted some friends to ask for photos of my whole collection -- which is not that huge, but still pretty big my my standards. I don't have a lot of room to take photographs, so this will necessarily be done in bits and pieces. As a result, I am declaring it Junkyard January, and am going to photograph as much of my post-apocalyptic collection as I can over the coming month. It's not huge by proper collector standards, but given my combination of limited budget and being really easy to distract it's one of my most sustained

Today I decided to start with what I regard as my 'core' post-apocalyptic models, the scavengers sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Some of these were originally sculpted for Grenadier and are now available from em-4 and Forlorn Hope, while others come from his own line, Copplestone Castings. They fit together well stylistically.

The Grenadier version of this guy is a model I had back in high school; my friend Ian and I were designing a wargame together. He was always better at it, which may have something to do with why he now designs games for a living. I love that damn model.

I wanted to give them some unifying feature, so a lot of them have red bandanas, patches or similar. 

I figure that these guys are your rank-and-file scavenger types; in my mind, the gas-masked guy and the one pointing the pistol are the leaders. They appear in a lot of games as armed settlers, militia, mercenaries, wasteland scavengers and so on.

One of the things I like about post-apocalyptic gaming, and which I find reflected in Copplestone's sculpts, is the idea that everyone's a character. Even the rank-and-file guys are raggedly individual, and there are a lot of fun, distinctive models. I think the guy with the bowler hat epitomises that for me.

"Same time, man, same time! I don't know you!"

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