Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Junkyard January: Savages!

Last time on Junkyard January we looked at scavengers, ordinary folks trying to get by in a harsh world. This time, let's look at savages, once-civilised people gone feral in the burnt-out wastes. I don't actually have as many of this kind of model -- or rather, I do, but I've combined them into some themed groups which I'll look at later.

All three of these models were sculpted by Mark Copplestone: the guys on the left and right are Grenadier Future Wars models (like the ones in my last post, now available from em-4 or Forlorn Hope) while the guy in the centre is the giveaway model from the 2015 US Oldhammer day -- they kindly sent a load over to their fellow Oldhammerers in the UK. 

The remaining figures are a bit of a mix -- there's an old Confrontation Dogskin, some converted Dungeonquest models, a Gorkamorka Digga, and an old Necromunda plastic. Sorry for the poor lighting!
 You can read more about the Dungeonquest conversions here. Honestly, other than Chainy McChainface, they could be scavengers.

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