Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Post-apocalyptic house!

Back in January I was on a post-apocalyptic kitbashing kick, and I decided to put together some scenery using miscast bits I was given by Curtis of Ramshackle Games. I started out doing what usually works best for me -- just sitting down with a big bag of parts and sticking stuff together to see how it worked out. And here's what I came up with:

I built a roof hatch from a spare base and some junk, added fencing from various scraps in my terrain box, built a little planter out of a cut-up old credit card and stuck on various pipes, doors, steps and so on. There was a lot of filing of casting irregularities (remember, these were free miscasts), but other than that I just covered the joins with other panels or whatever. I added some auto-body mesh to create a window screen. 

And then ... then it languished on the painting table for nearly two months while I dealt with other projects. But this weekend past I had some time to paint, so I had a go at it and this is what I came out with: 

The glue in the garden isn't quite dry yet in these shots, so it looks a bit white. Anyway, as you can see I basically just went at it with a big cheap brush and various shades of red, yellow, orange and brown, and I think it looks not too bad. I wanted it to look like an outpost of humanity in the wilderness, so I gave it a garden, and to be extra clever I gave it a garden that creates a patch of land you can't really fit a miniature into without it tilting a bit. Oh well. 

Here's the final thing, inhabited by the Gentleman Scavenger: one man's slice of heaven in a post-apocalyptic hell.

So, I got the board from a friend, the auto-body mesh from a hardware shop, the sticky gems from The Works, the fence from the Lead Adventure sprue exchange, and all the rest of the bits either just from my terrain box or from Ramshackle. Total cost of materials, less than £1. Effect on tabletop: not half bad. 


  1. Nicely done! Looks like a 5 star hotel....in the wasteland :P