Monster Man Contest II: Voting!

We've had great response to the second Monster Man contest, in which I asked listeners to create monsters based on automatically-generated names. Now it's time to pick your favourites!

Here's how to vote:
  • Read the list of monster entries below. Some of these will link to blogs, forums, or social media posts. Others will link to a second page on this site. I am pretty sure I have every submitted monster here, but if you don't see your entry, drop me a line and I'll add it promptly. 
  • Pick your three favourite entries! A single entrant can only win once, so bear that in mind if you like an entry by one of the people who entered twice or more.
  • Leave your list of three favourites as a comment on this post or as a comment on G+. Alternatively, you can email me: gonzohistory AT gmail
  • Voting ends August 1st
Once all the votes are in, I'll select the top three winners. Each winner will receive a copy of The Hyqueous Vaults and a collection of monsters from Spes Magna Games, as well as a special Monster Man prize pack selected by me. The first-place winner will also receive a £15 gift certificate generously donated by Diplomatist Books!

Without further ado, then, the entries: 

Cloud of Chaos by Roger Duthie
Cloud of Chaos by Tamás Kisbali
Dragon, Dead by Robert Faulkner
Dunebat, Giant by Ben Paulson
Jabberwont by Colin LeSueur
Lycanthrope, Wereladoo by Daniel Lofton
Man Can by Christopher Cale
Owlborn by Luke Slater
Rain Golem by Colin LeSueur
Unicorn, Black Willow by Daniel Lofton
Wendless Wolls by James Baillie

*There are a lot of monsters at this link, but those three are the entries.

Enjoy reading them, let me know your votes, and stay tuned to Monster Man for future updates!


  1. Great monsters everyone! My votes are for my own two entries (unsurprisingly) Rain Golem and The Jabberwont, but also for the Owlborn. Good luck everyone!

  2. By the way, this is Luca using Emma's account

  3. Are we not using the "no self-votes" rule that MMC1 had? I thought that was a good rule, everyone ends up wasting guaranteed votes on themselves otherwise.

    My votes, anyway:

    Dunebat, Giant (because the world needs more fruitbats)

    Unicorn, Black Willow (As a proud East Anglian I'm always up for more fenland monsters)

    Tamas Kisbali's Cloud of Chaos (the Wikipedia rule is glorious)

  4. Rain Golem (So good!), Wendless Wolls and Jabberwont.

  5. Hi! I'd like to vote for the Wendless Wolls, the Sun of Fish, and the Black Willow Unicorn :-)

  6. My votes, in no particular order:

    Cloud of Chaos by Támas Kisbali
    Rain Golem by Colin LeSueur
    Man Can by Christopher Cale

  7. Hi, James, can you correct my name? It's Tamás, with the accent over the second "a". Thanks ;)

    1. Dang it! When I copied it over, the a didn't transfer, so I must have made the mistake when I edited it. I will fix it now.

    2. Thanks! Tricky accented vowels!

  8. Dragon, Dead by Robert Faulkner
    Wendless Wolls by James Baillie
    Owlborn by Luke Slater

  9. Owlborn.

    Though I also like the Black Willow Unicorn.

  10. I vote for Wendless Wolls, and both Clouds of Chaos (ranked in respective order). But they're all good entries!