Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Do you recognise this miniature?

The other day, I painted one of the first miniatures I ever owned. Technically, in fact, I think it might have been a miniature my brother owned. When we were kids, the game stores in our hometown sold miniatures individually. They took them out of the packaging and put them in a display case, and you just asked for the one you wanted. Which means that I don't know where a lot of these figures came from, especially since the ones with integral bases have since been rebased.

Anyway, the figure is a female fighter, armed with a sword, a bow and a quiver of arrows. I like her faux-classical armour, which puts me in mind of early RuneQuest. I decided to echo Wonder Woman in the colour scheme, although I gave her light brown hair.

So do any of you guys know where this model comes from? I got it sometime in the mid-1980s and it's more of a 25 mm size. 

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