Friday, 26 June 2015

Other things to read!

One of the cool things about my gaming career has been the great people it's introduced me to. Several of them have their own things going on elsewhere on the web, so I thought I'd take the time to shout some of them out today. 

The most important person I've ever met through gaming is obviously my wife, who has just started a project called Fabulous to 40, in which she takes a photo of her (cool, often charity-shop-derived) outfit every day between her 39th and 40th birthdays. She doesn't believe me when I tell her she's cool, but now other people can do it through the medium of modern technology!

Luke Slater and I met at university, and we discovered that we share some interests -- gaming, obviously, which he also blogs about, but also really terrible movies. We write about them at Bad Movie Marathon (well, mostly he does, but I do one every now and again, as does another cool person I met through gaming, skerryflower). We're currently working on a special project, the Summer of Lovecraft, in which we watch as many films based on H.P. Lovecraft stories as we can between now and Lovecraft's 125th birthday, August 20th. I've been working on that a lot lately, so go over and check it out!

More directly gaming-related is this cool new blog from Red, whose old video game blog I believe I've mentioned before. Geek Chicery covers RPGs, board games, electronic gaming and sort of general geekiness from a feminist perspective, plus lots of cool crafty stuff. I'm really impressed by the level of production she puts into her D&D handouts: 

Anyway, she is a cool, creative person and you should check it out.

Next time: I went to an exhibit of watercolours and I somehow made it relevant to running games. 


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  2. (Reposting in the hope it won't duplicate this time.)

    It's been a joy getting the BMM going again. It's also good to have someone else contributing regularly; it keeps me motivated.

    I also have my gaming blog of course (and my other media blog and whatnot. If I were more confident of my ability to collate old content without going spare, I'd probably reunite these things.)