Monday, 8 June 2015

Post-apocalyptic figures!

I have been painting post-apocalyptic figures off and on for at least 5 years this go 'round; I just like the fact that they go so well with terrain you make yourself from junk. I am playing in a Rogue Trader Fallout game at this year's Oldhammer weekend, so I thought I'd take some photos and get things in one place. Here, then, are a selection of my relevant figures and scenery. More later this month, hopefully.

Savages: em-4 and my own conversion. 


Zombie troopers by Copplestone Castings.

Commandos -- ATTACK! Figures by Reaper. 

I forget. Picked up a job lot. 

Figures by Citadel and em-4. 

Reaper again. 

Copplestone again. 

Citadel. Smell the retro. 

Rogue Trader adventurers!

The Necromunda bounty hunters had so much story. This guy is clearly a former Delaque.

All by em-4. 

Kitbash, Prince August, Prince August, em-4.

Body and head from a Gripping Beast dark age warrior, backpack from a Warzone figure, tommy gun from Hasslefree.
em-4 / unknown
Unknown / Copplestone
Fantasy Forge / Scotia Grendel.

Most of these models are a mix of em-4/Grenadier and Copplestone. This gives them a nice unified appearance, because of course Mark Copplestone sculpted the original Grenadier line that later went to em-4.

God I feel good about this picture. Em-4 again (or maybe original Grenadier?)

I should make one of these my banner. 
To see all that work culminating in what is, basically, a completed project ... well, it's very inspiring for me.


  1. I particularly like the Gripping Beast one. Repurposed fantasy models in sci-fi always seem to work well. Lot of familiar faces there - I have quite a few of those myself.

    1. I have hacked a few historical and fantasy minis into post-apoc characters. It's tough, though; you want to avoid looking like a fantasy model with a gun stuck on. You don't have to make a huge lot of changes, but there has to be something to set the tone. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but I know it when I see it, you know?