Friday, 25 September 2015

Miniatures gallery pictures!

Well, a few anyway. Last time I showed you my cabinet; here are a few close-ups of some of the figures in it. Unfortunately it's not easy to see them all; the cabinet actually provides a fair bit of shade. I shall have to get a light closer to it!

Here's the cabinet again:

I tried to arrange the groups by theme, with each square having models from a different army or game. 

Nurgle marines! I have loads more of these from all different eras but these are my favourites. 

Rogue Trader adventurey types plus random vehicle. 

Orks. I'm quite proud of my little old-timey Ork army. 

D&D villains. 

Zombie apocalypse survivors. 

Relatedly, zombies. Again, I have many more. 

Cthulhu investigators. 

I have played Malifaux exactly once. 

Cthulhu baddies. Some of these are painted by others; I just touched them up a little. 

Neo-Sovs 1. 

Neo-Sovs 2. 

D&D heroes, with temporary stand in for Reginald Fowderhop, Gentleman Assassin. 


  1. Looking really swish! We should definitely organise a gaming day once you're settled.