Monday, 25 January 2016

Catch-up painting

More progress on clearing the unpainted models off my painting table! I don't think I'll actually finish them all before I start on new stuff, but at least I will have a little more free space.

This classic Ork Pulsa Rokkit belongs to my friend Alex, as, I believe, do the Gretchin (which I painted earlier).

These two will probably wind up being used in Frostgrave or D&D. The left figure is a Metal Magic / Hobby Products adventurer from the 80s, while the guy on the right is a Reaper Bones model I'll be using as an Elementalist in Frostgrave. I think he looks OK, although in the photo I can see that my experiment in doing colours with thinned paints and inks still has a little way to go. Still, overall, I think they look pretty good. 

This ruined vending machine is a piece of post-apocalyptic scenery from ThunderChild Miniatures' Wasteman line. They just completed a big Kickstarter, but this is actually from the pre-Kickstarter line. I picked it up together with some other bits at Exilicon last year. I painted this vending machine in ochre and red to suggest that it was a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine, in the same way I painted the other in red and white to suggest Nuka-Cola. 

Here are all three Wasteman scenery pieces together with some of my PA figures for scale. As you can see, the bed is a bit big, but I think it looks good. 

This magnificent bastard was a prize from the talented and generous Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games. I imagine him as an Adeptus Mechanicus type stranded on a remote world who has to make do with the scrap he can scavenge there; or maybe one who has begun to feel the appeal of Nurgle ... alternatively, in a post-apocalyptic setting he could be the King of the Junkyard, a sort of Fagin type that scavengers and raiders sell their loot to. 

With Copplestone Castings (left) and em-4/Forlorn Hope (right) scavs for reference.
Obviously, both are sculpted by Mark Copplestone.
Rear view.
The paint job is a bit rough-and-ready, but it was a morning's work and I'm happy with it.

So that's six models (assuming you count the Rokkit as two) in a weekend in which I also did some book shopping, wrote thousands of words and edited a podcast. Not too bad, and the clutter on the painting table is definitely clearing!

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  1. I'm working on the decluttering - just coming at it from the assembly end at the moment!