Tuesday, 5 January 2016

First miniature of the year!

I didn't manage to finish a model on New Year's Day, which I had been hoping to do for superstitious reasons, but I did finish this guy, a 1985 Citadel Miniatures Dwarf Lord of Legend. This is Lastro Lupintal, the hill tribe chief, sculpted by the Perry Twins and looking every bit as charming as he did 30 years ago. The late-night photo isn't terrific but I think you get a sense of him.

I found this model in a charity shop for £1 thanks to the recommendation of an alert friend. Well, I say £1 -- I actually spent £42 on all the models there, but I resold the ones I didn't want at just enough markup to cover the ones I did, so he was effectively free. I sometimes feel bad about doing that kind of thing -- after all, shouldn't I be sharing my good fortune with my fellow Oldhammerers? -- but I think that my "finder's fee" is pretty reasonable and no one else seems to be complaining.

So yeah, this guy is both an Oldhammer model and an example of frugal gaming, so I'm pretty pleased. Also I could conceivably use him in Frostgrave (as a thief, perhaps?) or D&D, although I think making him fit into SAGA would be a little more difficult.

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