Friday, 7 April 2017

Chaos warband for Dragon Rampant

So the other day I ordered a copy of Dragon Rampant, Osprey's fantasy followup to Lion Rampant, from the Bad Squiddo Games bargain bin. It arrived the other day and I have been coming up with warbands in my head ever since.

A Dragon Rampant warband is a pretty manageable size -- I like to think of them as rather like a Hordes of the Things army. Most seem like they will be around 40 to 50 models, at a guess, although if you like a scrub army that will probably be larger.

Anyway, as you know I have been working on some Chaos models for my ongoing painting challenge with Tim of The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog. Here, then, is my attempt to translate what I've done into a Dragon Rampant warband.

Colossal Battle Snail: Greater Warbeast, Ponderous: 7 points.

Warriors of Chaos: Elite Foot: 6 points.

Cultists of Chaos: Light Foot, Offensive: 5 points.

Plaguebearers: Lesser Warbeasts, Fear: 6 points.

On further examination of the rules I see that I only actually need 6 of these guys since Lesser Warbeasts are only a 6 SP unit.

It's a small, relatively hard-hitting army with a mix of faster and slower units, and I think it will work out interestingly. Next I'm going to work on a sort of generic barbarian army.

The bases don't match, mainly because I'm repurposing models from a variety of different projects. Guess who doesn't care about that? If you guessed me, you're right.

Between writing and posting this post, I got a chance to try out the game, and I think I'm hooked. The army functioned well, but after a promising start got worn down by steady shooting from Heavy Missile troops and a well-timed counterattack led by my opponent's Elite Riders. Still, it was a close-run thing and I'm satisfied with this force. Next to create some other ones.

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