Monday, 5 June 2017

Paint situation: getting ready for BOYL

Well, here it is the beginning of June, and that means that this year's Bring Out Your Lead event, which will be my third, is just two short months away. I've got my hotel room booked and some games scheduled, which means it's time to start thinking about my painting needs. Here are the games I am thinking of playing and, consequently, the things I ought to paint.

1. Shadow War Armageddon

A new edition of Necromunda obviously has the Oldhammer community's whiskers twitching excitedly, so I expect to get some games of this in. I have quite a lot of models I can use for this and I have already costed up Ork and Chaos kill teams. One of the marines in the photo needed a new base but that is now taken care of.

I should paint up a few more cultists for recruiting purposes.

Status: Mostly Complete.

2. Helsreach

This big interactive table will feature lots of different little games in a post-apocalyptic-type Rogue Trader setting inspired by the alien world depicted in the RT rulebook. I need to stat up a gang according to one of the many editions of Necromunda, but I don't anticipate that being too much trouble other than being spoilt for choice.

I also need to paint up a jetbike (or two) for the jetbike races and complete some more terrain, as I've been asked to set up my marketplace as part of the scenery.

Status: Mostly Complete

3. Heldenhofen, City of Heroes

Like Helsreach but for fantasy! My goal is to paint up a party of adventurers, all of them Citadel models from the 80s. I already have a Cleric and a Wizard, so I'm just going to paint up one of the AD&D Rogues and a Heroic Fighter to complete the set. Although maybe I should just use Lastro Lupintal as my rogue. That would mean I was 3/4 done and I would have a dwarf. Anyway, point is I have options and this is a lower priority.

Status: Half Complete

4. Rogue Trader? 

There was supposed to be a Rogue Trader thing happening, but I don't know if it's still on. I will try to take one case's worth of Chaos or Orks just to play if needed.

Status: Mostly Complete

To summarise, then, what I needed to paint between now and BOYL is:

3-4 Chaos cultists
1-2 Jetbikes
Last market stall
Market trade goods and characters as needed
2 adventurers

I think that is feasible!


  1. I think I've just gotta make/modify a carrying case to transport all my toys in. Oh, and make my Necromunda gang list...I'm pretty sure that's all I gotta do :)

    I hope there's another RT game going on, that'd be ace!

    Good luck getting all your stuff ready in time James and I'll see you there :)

  2. I am sure other games will be going on, but I haven't really paid attention the way I should.