Monday, 26 June 2017

Post-apocalyptic market complete

Around Christmas, I had one of my periodic brilliant ideas and threw together a bunch of junk from my bits box to make some post-apocalyptic market stalls. The project developed gradually over the next months; I put together a load of civilian models from different manufacturers and various trade goods and merchandise. Some of them are here in these photos I took over the weekend. 

The market is a hive of activity, where different tribes meet in peace under the watchful eyes of the guards.

Some merchants collect scrap from all across the wastes.

A happy couple ties the knot in the market's wedding chapel.

An itinerant water peddler on his way to market. 

A rad-farmer sells his wares while luckless prisoners are taken to the slave markets by mercenaries.
The preservation of pre-apocalypse culture is a sacred duty for this friar, but the monastery has to eat and so they must part with a few of their least valuable treasures. A psion guild officer looks over the wares, hoping for a bargain.

A vendor of survival goods glowers at the missionary of Robot Jesus who is scaring off all his customers.

A mutant merchant and his porters bring cool, refreshing water into the market, while in the background a scavenger and an android royal haggle over valuable space spice. 
Doctor Jeff runs the clinic; it's very hygienic. 

The Gnomads don't sell the best weapons, necessarily, but the price is right. 

A lot of manufacturers are represented, including Oakbound Games, Ramshackle Games, Blind Beggar Miniatures, ThunderChild Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, Wargames Terrain Workshop, Fox Box, Prince August, Grenadier and more. I particularly want to thank Ramshackle, Oakbound and Blind Beggar, who provided some of the models in this display free of charge!


  1. Wow, love this market, so atmospheric! Excellent job, so many wonderful details, my favourite is the stand 'Antiques and relics", amazing!

    1. Glad you like it! I'm pretty pleased with how it came out and I will probably make a few more stands just for fun.

  2. I absolutely LOVE it. It tells so many little stories and you can already imagine the setting of the world. Excellent stuff!

    1. Yeah, it's that evocation of a goofy-but-grim setting that I was really going for. Partly I just had some models I really liked and then had to think "what sort of world has all these weirdoes in it?"

  3. This is bloody cool! :D Love it!

  4. Way cool James :) I really like the little plastic fly's used as giant dead bugs too :D

    The whole lot is great!

  5. This is without doubt one of the best things on the internet! I absolutely love it.

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