Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Miniatures in a LARP?

I've been quiet over the last week, in part because of work and in part because my painting time has been taken up by preparing some models for a live-action roleplaying weekend. Wait a minute, I hear you say! There aren't miniatures in live-action roleplaying. Well, no, usually there aren't.

In this event, however, there was a war going on, with the players' side having a command post with a big map. The map needed to be a strange fantasy Britain, so we used a medieval map and printed it out split over 16 sheets of A4 to fit on four large pieces of foamcore.

But what to use for models? We had about a week and a half to get this ready, so we used a load of 1/72 figures I had lying around for the rank-and-file troops. For the rest, we used all sorts of things:

Painted models I already had lying around!

Cheap plastics bashed together to represent specific characters!

Reaper Bones! Board game figures! Weird free models!

Card models!

Old toys I'd had lying around for ages!

Yet more Reaper Bones!
A lot of the paint jobs were pretty hasty, and as you can see from the dragons I didn't clean the mould lines at all, but actually I think they came out pretty well. I will post photos of more of the individual character models, hopefully this week, but hopefully this gives you some idea of the overall look. I wasn't the only one who contributed models, either, but the ones that I did were enough to keep me pretty busy through the week!

In the end, I think the players had a pretty good time.

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