Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A possibly impractical plan

So, Armies on Parade is this thing where you put together an army of Games Workshop models and take it down to your local GW shop and people vote on their favourite. I have decided to enter this year, largely as a way to motivate myself to paint some damn models. This may not be smart.

I will be entering my Warhammer 40,000 Nurgle force. Because it's a patchwork of models from so many different eras, I've decided to make that sort of the theme of the entry.

The goal is to include:

Commander on palanquin. This is a custom model made from an old Citadel Sauron supported by four converted plastic plague marines. This model isn't quite finished yet, but most of its component models are almost ready. 2 are still to be painted.

Sorcerer. This is just a regular old sorcerer from the late 2nd / maybe early 3rd edition era. Maybe needs a new base but otherwise pretty much ready to go.

Great Unclean One. The classic. Ready to go.

Dreadnought. Likewise. Ready to go.

Predator. The old plastic rhino with the second edition metal parts and a bunch of kitbashing. Needs a little touching up but otherwise ready to go.

7 80s Chaos renegades. 5 are completely finished, while 2 need new bases and some touching up.

7 pointy-helmet Death Guards of the late 1st / early 2nd era. This combines a few waves of models. 4 are done, 1 needs to be touched up and rebased, and 2 are not done at all.

7 of the not-so-great 2000s metal Death Guard. 2 are completely done, 1 needs touched up and rebased, 1 is partly done, 3 are not done at all.

7 of the new Dark Imperium plastic Death Guard. 1 is done, 1 is in progress and 5 need to be done.

7 Poxwalkers. Completely done.

7 cultists. Completely done.

7 Plaguebearers. Need to be rebased.

In total, then:

Models to be assembled, painted, etc: 13

Models to be touched up and rebased: 12

By the end of October? That's not too crazy.

Also I should make a 2 x 2 foot scenic board for them. That might be a little more challenging, but I have some rough ideas.

More progress reports as I, er, progress.