Thursday, 28 September 2017

Progress updates

Over the last few weeks, I've been working steadily away on a couple of ongoing projects.

The first, as I've mentioned previously, is my Armies on Parade project. This is developing! I have been painting up unpainted models and retouching and rebasing old models. Here's my tally so far:

28 Plague Marines: 18 painted, 8 unpainted, 2 to be retouched.
Sorcerer: waiting to be retouched.
Palanquin bearers: 3 painted, 1 unpainted
Palanquin platform: unpainted
Palanquin rider: partly painted
Great Unclean One: painted
Dreadnought: painted
Predator: to be retouched
7 Poxwalkers: painted
7 cultists: painted
7 Plaguebearers: to be retouched

Totals: 59 models. 37 painted, 12 to be retouched, 10 unpainted.

Days remaining: 33

I've also been adding new episodes to my AD&D 1st ed. Monster Manual podcast, MONSTER MAN. You should check it out if you want to hear my voice talking about stuff.

I've also been adding images showing some of the monsters I talk about on the show using models and toys from my collection!


Ant, Giant!

Ape, Carnivorous!



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