Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Monster Man Contest: Finalists!

The votes are in, and we have our finalists in the first Monster Man Contest! There were a lot of votes submitted, and I'll go into some analysis of the patterns later, but I was pleased to see that every entry got at least one vote. That means that if you created a monster, no matter what it was, at least one gamer looked at it and thought "hey, that's pretty cool!"

But, having tabulated the votes, I have determined the top 8 entries to be finalists! These entries will now be sent to our panel of expert judges to select our three winners.

The top 8, not in the order of score but in alphabetical order, are:
  1. Afelyn by James Baillie
  2. Bear-Owl by Richard Scott
  3. Fuggag by Aaron
  4. Glowber-tuttle by Kit Chapman
  5. Great Wight Shark by Chris Webb
  6. Kafka by Kevin Chenevert
  7. Puschel Wuschel by Herr Zinnling and Lina (aged 9)
  8. Thurible Cat by Eric Nieudan
Congratulations to all the finalists! I will be writing to the judges today or tomorrow. Obviously, over the holidays they may have limited time available, but I'll try to get the final results up as soon as I can. 

Once again, I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who created a monster for the contest or who voted in it. The response has been really gratifying, and I'm very glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it as much as they did. Stay tuned to this blog and to Monster Man for the announcement of the winners. 

If you haven't looked at the other entrants yet, or want to use some in your games, you can still check out the listing here!


  1. This was a fun contest and a very wel lrun one !
    Looking forward to the next !

  2. Fantastic! looking forward to the announcement of the winner!