Sunday, 28 September 2014

Oh the frugality!

I was in London this weekend. Watch my other blog for what I did there, but I also made some gaming - related purchases. For instance, in the Oxfam book shop near Turnham Green tube station I picked up Day's Tolkien Bestiary for £2.99!

Despite the name, this is not really a bestiary but a massive illustrated encyclopaedia of Middle-Earth, with art by British fantasy greats including John Blanche and Ian Miller. I loves me some Ian Miller art. Also Victor Ambrus,  who in my mind is not really a fantasy illustrator but a historical guy. Perhaps I only think that because of Time Team.

Anyway,  it is pretty cool. Regarde!

Blanche does love those bridgey things. 
I think Miller is the MVP in this book. His big scenes are just so ... Ian-Miller-y.

Ambrus's work always looks like reconstruction illustration to me -- just of a thing that never existed in this case. 

And there are timelines and charts and so on.


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