Sunday, 7 September 2014

Painting for lazy gamers 2.

In an earlier post, I talked about experimenting with coloured primer as a speed painting technique. This is especially motivated by my desire to make some rank-and-file guys for SAGA, to be used interchangeably as Warriors in any of the trousers - and - beards armies.

So I sprayed five of the plastic GB Dark Age Warriors with the brown spray, together with a weird little Dwarf model that I found in a charity shop and that was just so damn ugly that I was enchanted by it.

Here they are after the primer coat.

I slapped on the base colours,  added some rough highlights and then did a few washes. This second photo is taken after exactly 60 minutes.

The third photo is after two hours, including a short dinner break.

And here is the final photo.

Overall this entire project took under two and a half hours, probably an even two if you leave out dinner. That is an average of 20 minutes a model. Of course, these are not beautiful figures,  and I am a pretty fast painter in the first place. But still, I am happy with the expansion of my Warrior and Levy units.

I have not completed everyone's base yet; I'm going to do a bunch of them all together. I am also on the fence about adding shield designs; my current plan is to do more elaborate shield designs for Hearthguard units and simple bold colours for Warrior units. Additionally, part of my mind niggles about the fact that the kinds of designs you see on SAGA armies, although beautiful, are not, I don't think, historically attested. Or at least not much -- you do get them in the Icelandic sagas, although they sound much more like proper heraldry. 

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