Friday, 26 September 2014

Reaper Bones not-Beholder

It has been a little quiet around here lately. Work has been very busy,  other projects have grabbed my attention, and, er, vidya games.

But that is not to say I have been completely idle. I have been doing a little painting,  for instance.

This is an "Eye Beast" from Reaper's Bones range. I got it in a second - hand buy from fellow gamer and blogger Red of New Adventures in Retrogaming (who also gave me some of the Bones models I've shown on this blog as a very generous birthday gift). 

The Bones line has its strengths and weaknesses, but I think models like this are a strength. The bigger creatures don't suffer as much from the bendiness and loss of fine detail you can get with smaller Bones figures. As usual, I found the mould lines very hard to see on the white plastic and a bit tricky to remove. There are definitely some still on there if you look closely. I also had to putty up the joins between the top and bottom of the head, but that's hardly a big deal. 

At £3 a model, give or take, I don't mind the mould lines too much, especially as the corresponding metal model would be heavier, more prone to fall-apart, and three or four times the price. I wouldn't buy big monsters for my D&D game at metal prices, but for a couple of quid I'm happy to take a chance on this energetic and characterful sculpt. This is another area where the large Bones models shine; the proportional savings is much greater, since ultimately some of the cost of a single small figure is fixed. And I think it looks quite nice. I've gone with a pretty traditional colour scheme. I will probably add some greenery to the base and maybe touch up the inside of the mouth with a little TCR to make it look wetter. But in general I'm pleased with this new addition to my ever-growing dungeon fantasy collection. 

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