Friday, 23 January 2015

A frugal retrostpective: Station 32.

Inspired by recent posts on using junk for miniatures, I have been moved to repost some stuff I did for a long-ago Trash Bash contest over on Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine. I loved those competitions, but there doesn't, sadly, seem to have been a 2014 one. Perhaps I should try to fill the gap? 

Anyway, as my 2012 entry I built a large diorama, but I didn't wind up using most of it in actual play. One part of it I did use, however, and that is Station 32. This image shows the parts this model was made from: scrap styrofoam from my old job at the hospital, a blister pack from a pound store toy, a part from a broken toy (also from Poundland), some filler and glue and lots of little bits of scrap card. 

The lighting isn't great, but here you can see the finished product with a model from em-4 (formerly Grenadier) for scale. I think it looks not bad, considering that the components cost me less than £1 all told. The signs are a mixture of airplane decals and images I printed out from the internet. 

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