Monday, 26 January 2015

Another frugal retrospective: Wildsnake Charlie's

In late 2013, before everything got super busy for us both, a friend of mine and I were amusing ourselves making wargames terrain out of junk. Here is an example of one such piece:

The photo isn't great, but you get the idea. Miniatures from em-4.

This diagram shows the components. Even the 40K vehicle kit parts were free. 
You can find a not-really-any-better photo in this old post.

I think my favourite thing about this model is that the frame came from a little plastic basket that once held olives or something -- or maybe it was cheese, I don't remember -- that my wife saw and thought "this could be useful for terrain-making." She was right! Also the till rolls were a gift from a friend, so really this piece was a community effort. 

Stick-on crafting gems are a great way to greeble surfaces. I use them for rivets and things as well as flat panels, having got the idea from Lee Erickson, who has the knack for this kind of thing.

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