Thursday, 1 January 2015

I promised photos.

So I have done some painting recently, and, as I promised in my last post, here are a few of the models. I am not a good photographer and I don't have a proper lighting setup, so think of these as journal-style candids, not "look at my cool models." These are just the ones so recently painted that they haven't had time to go in a case yet (or ongoing projects, which don't have a case yet).

Snotlings! The ones up top belong to my friend Alex (though I added
the dinosaur) while the ones on the bottom are Foundry Orclings.
These were painted in a bit of a hurry, but I think the massed
arm's-length effect will be fine, especially when combined with
all the other Snotling bases. 

He's a Mek, but he's got a whip, so he's on the Shokk Attak Gun crew. 
These Metal Magic Sarday'kin Legionnaires are some of the oldest
models I own, so they get a retro-sci-fi paint job. I'm gonna do
a whole unit of these guys at some point. 

One of my units for the How to Oldhammer challenge. I hated painting
these goddamn things. Also a crude conversion and a hand-painted
banner, because that's How to Oldhammer. I'm more than 75% done now.

The bases aren't finished yet, but here's a unit of Anglo-Danish huscarls
for SAGA. They look a bit more classically Viking-y than Anglo-Danish,
but they'll do. I got them dirt cheap from the Foundry bargain shelf.

The first Christmas present painted was this Apocalypse Survivor from
Wargames Foundry. I couldn't figure out what the hell was in that
left hand until I realised it was canned goods. Now when I look at him
I just shout "canned gooooooooods!"

I had some spare Warlord Games Soviets including a guy sitting down
(I think he's actually supposed to be an MG loader?) so I made a casualty.

Metal Magic executioner, Dwarf cleric for my D&D game, Foundry archer

I have a painting New Year's resolution. Well, two. The first is that I'm not going to use my old painting score system any more. I used to keep track of the number of figures I painted minus the number of figures I acquired, which was fun but tripped me up any time I bought a larger pack just to get a smaller number of models, and which was also a mess when you consider 1/72 figures. Instead, I'm just going to keep track of what I paint and the hell with the other thing.

I'm also going to paint the ugliest miniature I own, possibly the ugliest miniature ever, the Vulture Dragon, which I believe some friends bought me as a cruel joke over a decade ago:

The photo doesn't really show how damn ugly it is.

And I'm gonna paint my RT Chaos dreadnought.

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