Thursday, 22 January 2015

Yet more frugal gaming: more poundstore monsters!

I popped into Poundland on Tuesday and emerged with some cheap plastic toys. For a long time I've been avoiding buying these guys because they're pretty big, but my D&D campaign is getting to the level where they're going to be beating up on ogres and trolls and stuff and maybe there'll be more demons and things later on. So I decided to pick up a few huge dudes. They're sold under the name “Journey to Creation” and I think they might actually look OK with a coat of paint on 'em. We'll see. Here they are, seen with D&D campaign regular Torchy the Torchbearer.
I think the sculpting is actually not bad here. 
I also picked up this bad boy on the left, who is a cyborg dinosaur. I think that his neck should be just narrow enough that I can get a pair of legs around it and build him a rider. I'll probably never be able to use it, but it'll still be pretty badass. The guy on the right is an earlier Poundland find.

However, I don't like the horns. I may have to do something with those.  

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