Saturday, 25 July 2015

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Just a short post today after Friday's novel! It's the Christmas in July sale over at DriveThru, and lots of things are 25% or more off. I thought I'd take a moment to go over all the reviews I've posted on this blog as well as last year's RPG a Day posts and see if any of the things I recommended are on sale. And what do you know, there are a few.

Maelstrom Domesday

A spinoff or reimagining of British classic Maelstrom (itself currently on sale for less than £3!), this is a game that's right up my alley and possibly no one else's, a scrub-level horror/mystery game set in England in the late 11th century with tons of period detail and a strong chance of being a disfigured peasant. I wrote a full read-through and a character creation post.

I do keep meaning to run this game, but when? Anyway, you can get it for super cheaps -- less than a fiver for the PDF -- on DTRPG right now, since there's an extra sale on.

After the Bomb

It's about cartoon mutant animals fighting in the wreckage of a nuclear-devastated America, and it started as a supplement for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG. Now it has its own system -- and OK, Palladium character creation is complicated and time-consuming, but it's dead easy to strip away the cruft. And you get a hell of a lot for just a few dollars with these After the Bomb PDFs. Road Hogs is my personal favourite -- and it's like £2.50! -- but they're all cool. It's the only post-apocalyptic hot rod samurai funny animal rockabilly western you're ever going to need.

Sadly, the original TMNT game is out of print, but my experience is that it's not hard to find on eBay, and there's a new After the Bomb RPG that all these books are compatible with.

The Flying Serpent

Not a game at all, just a weird historical document that would make a great prop for anyone running a supernatural mystery game set in England. And less than a pound.

Tunnels & Trolls

My very first RPG, this game has a fancy new edition, but you can actually buy the first edition from the 70s in PDF for less than two dollars American!


Your pal and mine Chris wrote a guest post about this classic after picking it up for a song at the SELWG bring and buy. I don't think the first edition is still available, but you can definitely get the second and third in PDF for about seven quid each. 

Everything Sine Nomine has done ever

The only thing more tiresome than my love for Silent Legions (two-part review here and here) is my fondness for Stars Without Number and its spinoff, Other Dust. Come to that, I just read Spears of the Dawn and enjoyed it as well. So I'm just gonna go ahead and endorse pretty much everything Kevin Crawford does. Get you some. 

So anyway, that's what I've reviewed or talked about on the blog that's currently on sale at DTRPG. Get 'em before the end of July for, you know, big savings. Three floors of values! You know the kind of thing. 

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