Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Quick Notes

I am working on a long blog post for Friday, in which I explore a fascinating piece of British gaming history -- but it is not quite ready yet. Until then, I wanted to bring to your attention that a friend of mine is now blogging about games -- both campaign design and reviews -- at Fleetwood's Theory.

Also, I note that the Savage Worlds book I saw being messed with at ExiliCon, Ultima Forsan, is now available on DriveThru for about £6. I believe that price is for a limited time, though, so if you like your worlds savage you had best get a move on.

Also, I painted a Reaper Bones steampunk engineer guy and a Dungeonquest barbarian, bringing my Dungeonquest minis painted to three out of four. One more to do by next weekend!

The Bones model, like many of them, has soft detail around the face and hair -- as well as the buttons on the vest -- but I am pretty happy with the quick paint job. I'm also pleased that, like his fellow Chronoscope models, he's adapted from a tabbed figure, which means he can be neatly sliced off his textured base and put on a round base. However, I am very disappointed with the barbarian, who looks a bit rubbish and streaky in the photo. I wonder if the contrast is set too high, perhaps? I swear the horns aren't that patchy in real life. 

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