Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another quick painting update!

So, in my excitement I have painted a few of the models that I bought at ExiliCon 2015 already.

The first couple are post-apocalyptic scenery items from ThunderChild Miniatures.

I painted this vending machine in classic Nuka-Cola colours, but
I wasn't brave enough to add a logo or anything. I really like the cartooniness
of it; it suits my painting style very well, and I was reluctant to mess it up.

"Lazy Bones" here is a little clean for the apocalypse, but
I liked the colour against the usual grey wash of the end of the world. 
These are a lot of fun to paint! As you can maybe see from the second one, they are pretty big -- that bed is huge and the skellington is no slouch either. That has never bothered me, though. And aside from the cans being huge, it's not particularly noticeable on the vending machines. It's the same with the monsters; how big is a mutant bull centaur?

I also speed-painted these Reaper Bones skeletons. The bases probably took longer to make than the models took to paint. I know the paint jobs ain't fancy, and the models are not amazing, but the four models maybe took me an hour and you need a lot of skellies in a D&D game. 

This Reaper Bones figure seems to represent a wave of skeleton bits rising from the ground. Does it represent a traditional D&D monster I'm missing? I quite like the idea; it'll turn up in my game either way. 

These guys are an old Confrontation Ratskin (I think) and a Prince August Future Shock model (although I can't find the model on their site). I painted them ages ago, but have recently finished their bases and stuff as part of a general overhaul of my post-apocalyptic figure collection.

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