Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Quick painting update!

Inspiration for new painting projects has been coming thick and fast, so that means I need to clear off my painting table a bit! Here are a few of the odds and ends I've finished up this week:

A Dungeonquest archer and an old Skeleton Horde skelly. The two of these took less than an hour together. The paintjobs are just so-so, but I think they're not too bad for the short amount of time I spent on them -- and I can definitely always use more archers. And skeletons! That's a monster that really works best when there's a hell of a lot of them. I will probably give that skelly a shield eventually. 

An orangutan from Irregular Miniatures. The teeth are whiter in real life. Like most Irregular minis, this is a pretty rough sculpt, but it's useful for the D&D game, in which I like to have lots of different animals on hand. I need to add some foliage to the base.

This figure comes from the collectible minis game Dreamblade. I didn't actually paint it, just stuck it on a base (which needs foliage also). I just wanted to give an example of how this game is full of insane models. Seriously, if you want crazy-looking shit for your game, Dreamblade is a good source. Like all CMGs, the figures are a bit hit-or-miss, but even today, several years on, they can often be found cheaply. 

I think this plastic English Civil War figure is from Warlord Games? I got him in the LAF sprue exhange. I painted him super-duper quickly, priming him brown, drybrushing up and doing everything else with inks except the shirt cuffs, stockings, face and metal parts. He looks OK. Actually, ECW clothing was often much more colourful, but I have kept him in sober colours because he's going to be a Puritan witch-hunter in my Strange Aeons game one of these days. 

This post-apocalyptic figure is from Copplestone Castings; I got it in a job lot of minis from LAF, and it was already partly-painted; I just finished it off, which is why the face is both a little more delicate than my usual work and lighter than the hands. Whatever; she looks fine and will be a welcome addition to my collection of post-apocalyptic models

These guys are Warzone 2nd edition Capitol models, and may still be available from Prince August. I painted them up for an upcoming Fallout-themed Rogue Trader game at Bring Out Your Lead, where they will be playing the role of a squad of troopers (and an elite ranger) from the New California Republic. 

I also painted some parking meters and traffic lights for urban scenery, but they just look like parking meters and traffic lights. Well, honestly, I'm not sure the sculptor had ever seen a traffic light, but the parking meters look OK. And a Reaper Bones little demon guy, but he will be in a previous post since I have not had time to take a picture of him!

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