Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Quick Painting Update

After I got back from Bring Out Your Lead, I was filled with excitement to paint stuff I got there. But I made myself promise to paint some of the stuff on my table before adding anything new to it. I'm not done yet, but here's a little progress.

This berserker is made from -- I think -- a Warlord Games Celtic warrior
with the head and axe of a Gripping Beast Viking. 

These gretchin are from Fox Box; I have another to finish.
They were free miscasts, so they're a little rough, but I quite like them. 

This monster came from em-4; it's originally part of the old Hobby Products Cthulhu line. 

More Reaper Bones undead; pretty handy utility monsters for D&D. 
I have a bunch more nearly completed, so look out for another update coming soon.

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