Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Unfinished business

So, just as a way of organising my own thoughts about what I've got on my gaming to-do list, here's what I feel like I should be doing.


Develop more detailed ship rules for my D&D game (partly done).
Write up one or more of my D&D scenarios -- The Magonium Mine Murders and Castle of the Hive Queen -- into a usable format (just started).
Write more plotkits and things for the IoD.
Read some of my new RPG books -- I still haven't finished the Dracula Dossier.


Finish SAGA armies: Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Normans/Crusaders (nearly done with the first two)
1/72 ancients army (not even started)
3rd ed. WHFB Norse army (just a thought)
Lots of Warhammer Sorta Thousand figures, including my Chaos and Ork dreadnoughts
As many of these dingdang Reaper Bones as possible (underway)
Early medieval scenery (a project that can never be finished)
Paint up some of these figures I got at BOYL
Start a new Two-Dollar Monster competition

Things I'm not gonna do

Start more live games
Buy Frostgrave
Start running any new tabletop campaigns, no matter how cool Night's Black Agents is.

You know, in my mind there was a lot more there -- I suspect because the Bones and Warhammer Sorta Thousand projects are so open-ended.


  1. This looks useful - I might put together a list like this.

    1. I'm sure I left some things out, but it was a useful way of organising my thoughts.