Friday, 7 August 2015

RPG a Day, Day 7: Our favourite price

Today's RPG a Day topic is Free RPGs, and I'm going to say boring things about them. I've been making videos for a while, but this is such a resolutely unvisual topic that I'm just going to do a blog post here.

My favourite free RPG is probably ... yeah, I think it's got to be Stars Without Number. If you're running a science-fiction game of any kind, I think it's a really useful thing to read. There are even tons of free supplements! Of course, after that I bought loads of supplements and other Sine Nomine games, so it seems like this free-rulebook business is working out for Kevin Crawford, at least as far as getting my personal money is concerned. While you're at the Sine Nomine page, there's another free Crawford title, Exemplars and Eidolons, which I have but have never read. I'll get to it!

I got a free (well, "included in the price") copy of the Victorian Scientific Romance (that's "steampulp" to you) RPG Forgotten Futures in an issue of Arcane magazine back in the day, but you can get it for free as well here. I'm not wild about the system, but the game's supplements provide vast resources for anyone wanting to run a Victorian Science Fiction game.

Obviously, there are umpty-bazillion free scenarios out there, but I strongly recommend Gormand's Larder, a weird little mini-dungeon with no text whatsoever, just illustrations.

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