Tuesday, 4 August 2015

RPG a Day so far

Last year, I participated in Dave Chapman's RPG a Day, and it prompted me to write and think about my gaming habits. Well, it's back, and I've been making videos for each day of the month so far. Here they are for those that haven't seen them.

I turned out not to have a good answer for the first question about games I was anticipating.

On the second day, I was a guest on the main RPG a Day video, talking once again about Silent Legions. It really is very good.

Day 3 was about things I've purchased in the last year, including recent ENnie winner A Red and Pleasant Land. It is also good.

In my next video, I talked about a game that surprised me; there was a cameo appearance by a classic.

And today, on Day 5, I talk about recent purchases including Tunnels & Trolls and Many Gates of the Gann.

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