Friday, 8 April 2016

Frostgrave in action yet again

Pal Buzz came over and we played some Frostgrave. I attempted to create an interior set for the Library scenario, although I couldn't really fill the whole table. Instead, I used some old board game boards I had lying around: 

Clearly, the wizard who once owned this library didn't need it any more:

My cultists scurried through the maze of corridors looking for treasure:

While Buzz's guys fanned out in the library: 

Things started out OK for me, but gradually the casualties started to mount ...

... and mount ...

... and mount ... 
... until my only surviving guy was the thief who'd run off the board with my only treasure. Fortunately, deep pockets allowed me to replace my casualties, but Buzz definitely caught up with me a bit.

I'm thinking that this first warband is an experiment. One of these days I'm gonna book some gaming space for a weekend with a couple-three friends and play through the Lich Lord campaign. One of these days.

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