Monday, 4 April 2016

Ramshackle Gorillagon as Ork warboss

While I was priming up some Orks for my Rogue Trader project, I thought I would throw in this Gorillagon from Ramshackle Games. This is a fun, chunky, rough-and-ready post-apocalyptic resin model that rewards a certain amount of brio in the painting. The right fist is a spare weapon from another Ramshackle model (I think!). I do have the actual Gorillagon fist around her somewhere, but I wanted him to have a mixture of ranged and close-combat weapons.

Both these photos and, frankly, the paint job are hurried and a little crude, but overall I think he looks pretty nice, although he's much more consistent with the rough, bulky late-period Ork aesthetic. RT models for scale.

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