Saturday, 30 April 2016

Some more painted odds and ends.

I've been clearing up some of my backlog, including getting ready for Oldhammer weekend. Here are the results.

This lizardman warrior is another Reaper Bones model, speed painted using my usual method for fast Bones painting: grey primer, drybrush up to light, and then apply colour mostly with inks -- although for the armour panels I then painted brown and added a couple of layers of metal before washing.

As you can see, it's a pretty simple paint job on a model with lots of texture that makes it very suitable for that method. It's far from perfect -- my usual reservations on cleaning Bones models apply, and I certainly skimmed the painting process -- but I think it'll do nicely as part of an ensemble project I'm working on.

The second model is part of my developing Ork army for Rogue Trader; if you recall my original post about it, you'll remember that there were a few models I needed to finish in order to complete it. One of them was this mekaniak, who I got in a job lot of lovely old models I picked up in a charity shop for £20. I sold the Man O' War models and a few others, made back the cost and basically got some classic Orks, half a dozen barbarians, a Rapier Laser Destroyer and I don't know what-all else for free. Because I'm trying to keep the painting style consistent across the army, more or less, this guy is based on a black undercoat and a series of layers. Not fancy but whatever.

As you can see, it's a pretty simple paint job, in keeping with the generally pretty simple tone of the army. The pistol in the left hand is from a slightly later period of Ork, but it's still elderly -- I got it, I believe, when the Cambridge Games Workshop was selling off the last of its Gorkamorka stuff in like 1999 or so.

Aaaanyway, it's not perfect, but it'll do nicely for the army project, leaving me with one Gretchin and a base of snotlings to finish.

So, yeah, no big news in any of my painting projects; it's mainly been little bits and pieces like these. But I keep making strange conversions, so some of those will hopefully show up soon.


  1. Both of them look fabulous. You've got good results out of the Bones lizard. What's the ensemble project?

    1. Just doing all my various lizard-, snake-, turtle- and frog-guys for upcoming sessions of my D&D game.

  2. I really love what you've done with the Bones Lizardman.

    1. Yeah, it looks OK! And super easy. All these rough-textured Bones are child's play to get a good effect on. The mould lines are a bugger, but I have just decided not to worry about it.