Monday, 18 April 2016

Frugal gaming: salvaged miniature

I didn't go to Salute this past weekend as I had a conflicting engagement, which was disappointing, but I did do a little painting last week just to clear things off the desk. One thing I painted was a model that's been sitting in the plastics box forever and ever. 

I got this little guy off a Gumtree ad (or something), together with an old Eldar Harlequin that I sold on and a plastic vehicle of some kind that I busted up for parts. He was caked in paint, so I stripped the gunk off him and fixed him up a little; his right arm was just a spare Mordheim arm, but I didn't like it, so I replaced it with the upper arm from an old Dwarf warrior and the hand and sword from an Empire swordsman.

I painted him very quickly, with just a few simple layers. He has bright, bold colours in homage to his origin as an old Battle Masters game piece. Perhaps he'll come in useful in D&D, or as a Man-at-Arms or Knight in Frostgrave. I dunno; he was 10p and in horrible shape and I salvaged him (ish), so I'm happy.

I have noticed now that his right eye is a little wonky, so he may go back onto the paint table for a touch-up.

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