Wednesday, 23 July 2014

We interrupt this Week of Synnibarr ...

Today I don't have time to edit my video, since I am away for the afternoon. Instead, I am going to write about a cheap toy that I used in one of my games!

Seen here with Wednesday night D&D stalwart Torchy the Torchbearer and a Rogue Trader-era Space Marine, these little guys are Androidz toys which I got at The Works for 49p each. As you can see, their design aesthetic makes them good little warforged sort of guys. There are also much more work-robot-like designs, which I also got a few of. I figure they'll bumble around spaceports and things doing important tasks and periodically going berserk.

I think that, if you wanted to be serious about them as miniatures, they might take quite a lot of work -- the bodies are metal, the arms are relatively soft plastic, and the mould lines are a pain in the butt. But I know that there are people who've worked with them, so it isn't impossible.

Using toys in D&D seems to be a thing for me -- the earth elementals in my last game were Gormiti figures I got for 25p each at a car boot sale. I like to use miniatures in games because I think it's a fun visual representation of what's happening; I don't do it in every fight, just ones where it improves convenience. But even so, if I'm bringing out new antagonists every couple of weeks, even a miniatures collection as eclectic as mine struggles to cope.

Plus, you know me: I find scavenging and bargain-hunting fun by themselves.

Tomorrow we'll be back with the exciting conclusion to Week of Synnibarr! Hopefully.

A third Androidz toy playing the part of a wrecked wargolem while some
goblins pile on a poor hapless PC and an eagle signally fails to help. 

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