Thursday, 24 July 2014

Week of Synnibarr, Day Seven: At long last rad.

It's been a long road -- first nine-day week I've ever seen, if nothing else -- but we're finally there. And although we've seen a lot of unusual things, I don't think we've done more than scratch the surface of Synnibarr's rich weirdness. There's a lot more that I haven't had the courage to go into, especially in terms of the game's incredibly detailed list of powers, spells, mutations, chi abilities and what have you.

Today, though, we're going to finish up by concluding the experiment in character creation and then looking at the resulting character, Ballworthy J. "Balls Rad" Raddington. 

In our fourth video installment, I gaze in derpy perplexity at the skills section.

And finally, it's time for shopping.

Now, having put more extra work into completing him than I care to think about, I present to you 1st-level Shadow Warrior Balls Rad, ready to go out there into Synnibarr and take on some flying grizzlies. I just have to jot a few final notes down first ...

... "movement rate is found by taking the movement in miles per hour and multiplying it by 0.293." Are you fucking kidding me?

So that took longer than I expected, but here he is at last:

Concerned about his low health, I bought him the best armour I could afford, Hadrathium plate armour, and an absolute shitload of weird weapons, plus a pedal-powered gyrocopter, on which I mounted a chain gun. I also got him a pet paradrake, an assault rifle, a laser sabre, some camping supplies and a pair of high-top sneakers. With his sonic sabre, shadow axe, and laser sabre, it's a little silly that he carries around a regular sword, but since he can carry 800 lbs without caring, what's the difference? 

Tune in tomorrow for some final thoughts. 

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