Thursday, 31 July 2014

RPG a Day 1: My first roleplaying game

August being the month of GenCon, it's time for #RPGaDAY, in which David Chapman suggested that we answer different questions about our gaming history on different days of the month. Today, the question is: what is the first RPG you ever played? I made a short video about mine:

A few notes on the video: reading up on it, it seems like T&T was probably the first solo RPG in paperback format, even ahead of Fighting Fantasy. Huh! The game is still available in a bewildering variety of versions. There's even, you guessed it, a new deluxe edition coming via Kickstarter. But you can also still get the fourth edition (for four bucks, the same price it was when it came out in 1977! That was a lot of money in those days but it isn't now) or even the first, with typewritten text and everything. That's pretty cool.

The scenario that came in the boxed set was this one, Buffalo Castle.

You can learn more about the game from its publisher, Flying Buffalo.

Also, I forgot about Grimtooth's Traps. Man, I had a bunch of those.

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